Web Design Tips To Increase Conversion

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When it comes to web design, you could choose so many directions and styles from today. In fact, the world of custom web design is so dynamic that it might seem challenging to keep up with the latest trends. However, today, we are not here to talk to you about those trends. We are here to talk to you about some basic ground rules that will always be applicable no matter what style you choose.

Custom web design feeds into your customer experience, and below, you will find four essential tips to make your site effective and compelling.

Clear the Clutter

The more options you give your customers, the longer they will take to make a decision. With clear Call-To-Action (CTA) buttons and easy navigation, make the path of discovery to purchase a simple one for them. The less your site visitors have to read, click on, or remember, the better they’ll be able to process and evaluate your content.

Keep visual hierarchy in mind

Understanding how your customers would look at your web page will help you understand custom web design better. Follow the F pattern to make a good first impression both content and design-wise. Follow the rule of thirds to understand better where and how to place important pieces of content.

Do not underestimate white space

Whatever colour you may choose, remember to employ whitespace in between elements. By leaving some areas blank, you’ll give the design a much more spacious, well-balanced feel. As for your text, write in bite-sized paragraphs for easy consumption.

Design to be mobile-friendly

Create a mobile-friendly version of your site so that you can keep pace with the mobile world. Here, your custom web design should be cleaner considering the space-crunch, and you could consider using certain unique mobile features that could help boost your mobile design.

Tip for the road

Allow your web design to echo your brand’s personality.

For more web design tips to increase conversion and to ensure that your website is doing all that it needs to for your business, call the Cudest team at +1 (647) 933-1774.

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